December 9, 2009

Comfort Zone at the Polaris Mall

Today, someone important was a 'no show' at my school, so we had an unexpected day off from school. I followed the example of several classmates and went Christmas shopping!

Earlier, I figured I'd have to skip shopping this year! I'm so far behind with everything, I'm afraid I'll never get it all done!

Those usual closet hide-away presents didn't accumulate this year, and I haven't even thought of what to put in a Christmas letter - much less Christmas presents! I simply don't know what to stop doing for school and start doing for Christmas! To top it off, it seems that most everybody I know is having a birthday within a few weeks anyway! (Just kidding!)

But this morning, when school was unexpectedly cancelled, my car just turned right up 71 North to Polaris Mall!

Shopping went exceptionally fast, but as usual, walking with packages makes my back hurt. I kept sitting down to humor my iPhone and check new messages on Facebook. At one point, as I stopped to sit on the vibrating massage chair in front of the GNC, I noticed a new store next door.

A quiet, calm, soothing room called, Comfort Zone, offers several selections of 'Oriental Acupresure and Reflexology" treatments. I selected the $12 for 10-minutes massage which is very small price to pay for being transported into near celestial bliss. I also thought it rather calming that the masseuse didn't speak any English. I could just kneel on the massage chair, close my eyes, forget the chit-chat, and imagine the pearly gates while he unraveled all the knots in my neck and untangled the spasms in my back.

Comfort Zone doesn't have a web site, but they are located on the upper level down from Macy's. Their card reads, "Comfort Zone, Oriental Acupressure & Reflexology. On the upper level, next to GNC".

Accept for the regular healing adjustment I get from my chiropractor, I know of nothing else as healthful and calming as this experience. I'd encourage everyone who goes up to Polaris Mall to stop by for 10 minutes of luxurious peace and relaxation.

Take Care on the Journey,



As my whimsy leads me.. said...

I found your blog by googling "Comfort Zone Polaris," where I had a wonderful 30 minute massage this afternoon. I have had a muscle spasm in my shoulders for over a week, and it feels much better. Just wanted to let you know that I totally concur with your opinion of them!

Toy Biederman, Worthington

Anonymous said...

thanks linda this helped alot