December 6, 2009

What Is Anger?

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A friend asks, "What is anger?"

He wants to know more than the usual open mouth and spew forth angry words, or hit with blazing fists, or pop with smoking gun.

I asked my wise and wonderful husband the question, and he gave the classic response, "It's an emotion."

After a fleeting surge of irritation at such an honest but unpretentious answer, I said, "You aren't always right about everything, you know."

Thankfully, he chuckled at me as we entered a small restaurant where we often grab a 'senior' breakfast.

A new waitress took our order. The favorites, James or Michelle, would have asked if we were having the usual with extra cream in hubby's coffee and lots of butter on our toast. But today, we had to go through all the steps of getting our thoughts in order and providing the exact information.

"I want the English muffin if it will be hot. Please send extra butter with my white toast. We want at least five creamers for each cup of coffee."

Well, the English muffin came hot without butter. Five creamers filled the dish, but the cup of coffee was too full to add even one creamer. And, I had no toast at all.

No toast at all.

No toast at all.

My eggs were getting cold. I can't eat my eggs without toast.

"I'm getting frustrated," I complained to hubby.

Just then another new waitress arrived to ask if everything was okay.

"No, my wife is waiting for her toast," my hubby explained in an exaggerated polite manner.

"Oh, I'll get your wheat toast right now," was her quick, apologetic response as she hurried away.

"It was white toast with extra butter," I replied through gritted teeth.

Again, waiting for the toast. And waiting. And waiting. Trying to take tiny bites, so I could eat my eggs with the promised white toast.

"I HATE EATING MY MEAL WITHOUT MY TOAST", I suddenly howled in frustration and perhaps a bit of that dreaded anger.

My chilling outburst caused every customer to pause with spoon halfway to their mouth.

Several employees came running. Several more hurried to check on the missing toast.

"Would you like us to reheat your eggs"?

"Can we get you some more potatoes?"

"We're so sorry. We thought you wanted wheat."

Is this the anger my friend was asking about?

I don't think so.

As we left - my food uneaten, cold and soggy, I apologized.

"We eat here most every weekend. We love your service. I've just had a real stressful week. You know how it is..."

Everyone smiled and wished us a good day. A better day?

How about this for one definition of anger?

Anger is a gift? Handle with care.

Take Care on the Journey,



Katy said...

Grr, that sounds annoying! Waiting tables IS difficult, but that's why people write down orders, isn't it? So they get the customer what she wants? Better luck next time, mama linda. :)


Bringer of Peace said...

That question, "what is anger" has had its effect on me as well.
I think the Lord is trying to show me that I was not dealing with that emotion His way.
Sorry you had so many breakfast challenges.