February 20, 2010

Bohecker Graduation RN in 2010 for Linda Meikle

A Personal Victory - A Peaceful Feeling - An Exhilarating Day

I'll post more photos later. Notice the phone in my left hand. I dialed my sister in Tampa, FL, and she heard my name being called as I got my diploma. She put her phone on speakerphone so Craig could hear it too. She cheered loudly which I heard softly through the phone, but no one else heard. Really neat. To bad I didn't have a conference line. ha ha

Friends, Floyd and Tania, stayed the weekend. John brought grandkids. I totally enjoyed the weekend. Billy and Philip called to congratulate me. The family I stayed with when I took the LPN course almost 40 years ago sent a beautiful, thoughtful, card. I basked and relaxed in the joy of a new personal birthday!

More photos later. I have to work a few hours today, and I slept in too long this morning.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your Friend in Life,

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Katy said...

Congratulations, Mama Linda! I'm so proud of you. :)


Linda Meikle said...

Thanks Katy. :)))

Bringer of Peace said...

Congratulations! Floyd filled me in on a few of the lovely details.
Glad for you.