March 8, 2010

The Morning After...

Well, you may wonder where I've been. Very little postings to keep you updated on the life and loves of my days. Guess you might call the last month since school has been out, "The Morning After"... You know what I mean? You've been there a few times in your life. Nothing bad. Just something different...Like a hangover except I've never had a hangover, so maybe that's not it at all. Whatever...It's been the morning after around here for me. Kindof like, 'Now What?" I can't even keep up with what day it is around here!!!

My friend and fellow blogger, Clayfeet, says he always writes his articles on his hard drive, does all his corrections, and posting to the blog when he's sure it's as ready as it can be. I, on the other hand, cannot do that with my current computer program. When I copy and paste, it doesn't put in the paragraphs and refuses to change it here on blogger, so you get less quality work and more quantity reflections. Just a passing thought as I start to write.

After my graduation (without music or professional photographer, thank-you Bohecker College), I've been busy with some job interviews, a job rejection (already), a job offer that is not full-time or permanent, and the start of a new home business venture.

Right here I'll thank my guardian angel who has been with me my entire life, for sending not one, but two photographers to record my graduation. Hubby Jim was busy with our camera, and our family friend, Floyd, also got good pictures, so I can have something to show for one of the biggest moments of my life. Some of my classmates "smiled" for the photographer we were told would be there, and are now finding out they were only smiling at the audience..

Pomp and Circumstance was mysterously silent as we walked in. I was so happy and thrilled to be making the journey of my life, that I didn't notice until I sat down that no music had been playing. It was pounding in my head! But, everyone else says there was no music.

Moving on...The new business venture is part-time, of course, but we are pleased with the prospect of making some extra money, making new friends, and promoting a very healthy product that we believe in. (No extra money invested!) That news will be another post (or you asking me). Hubby has been quite involved and helpful, so it will be a 'together thing". If my kids are reading this, they will ask me what it is. If not, they will wonder why I didn't tell them. ha ha. I will in good time.

I promised myself to keep busy with study for the state boards this month. I do commit to review/testing/review/testing several hours a day. I may be sorry as the final day approaches that I didn't spend 100's of hours in concentrated review, but part of me says if I don't know it after 40-years, I'm not going to learn that much more in two weeks. (Notice I didn't say that very loudly.)

Changes! Oh the changes in our home! On the day I finished school, Jim had his last day of work. Suddenly, we're both home all day. More meals to fix. More dishes to wash. More things to do together. More details to pay attention to. Who gets up. Who sleeps in. Who takes out the trash. Who is hungry and who is not. I believe you've been there a few times in your life on that one too.

Then came the snow for days and days and days! And, the bitter cold creeping all though the house. And, being cooped up in the house!!! It was pretty. It was unique. It was a master to be dealt with in order not to go stir crazy. And then, Jim suddenly hurt his back the second time he faced the demon with the snow shovel. After that, I was nurse, masseur, doctor, therapist, and catering wife - with painful fever blisters and infected eye!

I've been cleaning out the school stuff too. Papers, notes, copies, bookbags, notebooks, and files of files! Most tossed! I just needed to get them out of my way. I did. Sometimes with fatcat, Ceasar, lying on the the table beside me gently nudging everything off the side to the floor. Sometimes me just throwing everything into the 33-gallon plastic trash bag hardly looking at it. Sometimes I had to dig Ceasar out of the trash bag!

I've spent time updating my resume, asking for reference letters, reference people, and letters of support. I'm afraid I haven't thanked each one who helped me on that like I should have. I need to finish that tomorrow! Updating a resume is hours and hours of concentration and attention to detail. Hubby has been a big help, but I've also searched the Internet for new information. (Those who have seen my resume say it's awesome.) But, how does one put a lifetime in chronological order?

Oh yes, we did watch the Olympics!!!! So much in fact, that we reset our internal clocks and now can't fall asleep before 1 a.m. But, it was our winter entertainment and well worth the time we spent cheering our favorites and consoling those who didn't make the goal (or downhill as it was a lot). The next Winter Olympics will be in Russia. That may be very strange!

For Bonnie, I'm planning to be there on the 20th. Will have lunch with Billie and Dorothy. Maybe I'll see you. Maybe even more often. Have been giving it a lot of thought.

Well, twenty minutes from now starts the date that I celebrated for 23 years. The mind remembers even as I try to forget. Life always moves on, and so must we.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your Friend in Life,


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Ginger Brooks said...

Hi Linda,
Congrats again for getting your RN!! You deserved to enjoy the recognition you always wished you could have!! (even w/o pomp & circumstance). I'm real proud of you. You've done big things despite adversity & I'm truly happy for you (only wish I could have been there too. Hugs, Ginger