March 22, 2010

March 23, 2010 - A Dedication

In just a few hours I'll be living the dream I've thought might never happen!

I'll be sitting for my RN State Boards (NCLEX-RN).

No matter what score I get, I don't care!

I've been given the opportunity to complete a dream that I almost let slip away!

After 39 years and six weeks, of hoping and working to achieve the goal of becoming a Registered Nurse, it looked like I might have to put the dream on a little golden shelf called, "Something I almost accomplished in my lifetime."

I've always been the most hard-working, dedicated, loving, caring,
Double-shifting nurse in town.
My family could count on me to work extra to make ends meet.
My co-workers could depend on me to pull my share - and more!
My patients begged me to come back and be their nurse the next day!

I valued a job well done over taking a break or leaving the floor for a good meal.
My charting was exceptional and almost always completed on time!
If I didn't know how to do something, I asked for information and did it by the book!
If someone needed to float to another unit, I always raised my hand
Ready to learn a new task or another kind of patient care.
ER, ICU, Peds, OB, Med-Surg, Post-op...
I didn't know that LPN's didn't qualify to work those places.
No one complained when I did admissions, patient teaching, treatments, and IV's.
Jobs that LPN were not 'qualified' to do.

I took extra coursework such as ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)
When it wasn't in the job description of an LPN (and still isn't).
I became an Emergency Medical Technician
To learn the basics of life support and First Aid.
I volunteered as a CPR Instructor when LPN's were only doing 2-man CPR.
I took college classes in most every city we lived in for over 30 years.
Always working toward "the RN program".
I even got a few name tags that said, "Linda Meikle, RN"
And had to return them to HR.

My kids cheered me on.
My friends said I could do it.
But, without the strength and confidence of my HUBBY JIM
I would not have walked this very path.

Without HUBBY JIM opening that door,
And propping it open with his very body.
Without his total belief in me every minute of every day
And, without his working hard ALL day
So we could afford for me to not work at all,
I would not be sitting here in anticipation of tomorrow!

Without his loving support and secure arms around me
I would have left my dream on the shelf
For all eternity.

I thank the Love of my life
And the love of Billy and Philip
And the love of my sister, Sandy
And the support of so many friends
I can't began to mention all the names
For it would fill this page to mention them all.

I thank each of you
As I have completed this giant step of a lifetime,
With indescribable joy and pride!
It's been done with your support, trust, faith, and love

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life.
And I give praise and honor to God who created me
And I give "thank-you hugs' to all who believed in my dream!

I ask you now to...
Never give up on your dreams!
No matter how long it takes,
Or who or what stands in your way.
Keep the dream alive in the darkness of night
And bring it to life with the sun of each new day!
Leaving behind fears, or thoughts of your mistakes!
Believe in yourself - and those who believe in you!

Take Care on the Journey,
Your Friend in Life



Clay Feet said...

Go Girl! We are so proud of you!

Linda Meikle said...

Thanks. I appreciate it.