March 23, 2010

So, How Did I Do On NCLEX Test?

(How did I do? Return to this station in 24 hours)

For those who haven't heard by phone, email, blog, or Facebook, I completed the 75-question NCLEX test in 45 minutes today.

I felt relief and pride even though I cannot say with certainty that I passed the test.

I should find out on Wednesday, March 24, 2010, about 11 a.m at the Ohio Board of Nursing Website. (Not the official way to find out, but it's a wildly popular secret of NCLEX-takers!)

On the way out after finishing the test, two employees and I chatted about my ability to attend nursing school as a slightly older person. They also asked me what I thought about the test. I said there were so many, "select all that apply" questions that I wasn't sure how I did, and I didn't understand how I could have passed meds as a nurse for almost 40 years and not have one medicine on the test that I had seen before.

It was challenging to try and pick apart the names of the meds, and try to match them with a choice on the test, but I'm sure I did that as good as the next nurse. LOL

About the time I was getting into a groove; looking for ABC (airway, breathing, circulation) answers and delegation priorities, I was cut off.

(We studied all these things in school. I'm not letting any cats out of the bag as to specific questions or doing any 'brain dumping'.)

The computer kept track of which question number I was on, and at number 74, I looked up and said, "Are you going to cut me off now?"

It did.

I raised my hand for the kind, older gentleman to escort me out of the room. He quickly returned two coupons that had been removed from my jacket pocket. (He said I couldn't have any gum in my mouth either. I asked if I could keep my partial in.)

The coupons are for $2 off on All Laundry soap if anyone would like them. I have enough laundry soap to last a year.

Buffy has placed a bet of all her coupons that I've passed the test. Sorry, her bet is null and void!!!! (Even as much as I'd dearly love to inherit all her coupon stash!)

Looking UP - and Watching the Web!

Take Care on the Journey,
Your Friend in Life,


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Anonymous said...

I just took the nclex in indiana and I had like 40 sats questions and tons of infection control questions with some delegation and prioritzation questions I had almost the whole test. I think I failed because the pearson vue cheat to see if you passed let me sign up to take a new test. I was so stressed out i am afraid to take it again.