June 15, 2010

Geocaching Right Under My Nose!

I discovered something today that has me very interested in learning more about it. Flipping through a tabletop magazine while waiting for an appointment this afternoon, I found an article about a sport called Geocaching. (I wish someone would tell me how to pronounce that word.)

What is Geocaching? At the website I found the best answer. It's a treasure hunting game played by those equipped with GPS devices. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers called geocaches. Anyone can hide a geocache, or anyone can locate them. When you find one, you are suppose to be able to open it and leave a trinket and sign your name.

Go to the website, http://www.geocaching.com enter a zip code, and see all the hidden geocaches sites in your town. There are at least five in New Albany alone. One is somewhere near the Giant Eagle grocery store, one is for sure near the old police station in town, and one is at the cemetery. I learned all that this afternoon. I actually drove to a couple of sites but didn't have time to check any closer.

I checked the zip code for my sister in Tampa, and there are over 1,000 hidden geocaches in her zip code alone. One is hidden just outside her favorite grocery store (The size of a bottle cap!)

I checked my old town of Berrien Springs, Michigan, and found information for 722 hidden geocaches there. What a goldmine!

Floyd (Clayfeet), you have 387 in your little town. Philip and Shelley, you have 711 listed in your town, but in PORTLAND there are almost 5,000 geocaches to locate!

Maybe this isn't your thing. I understand completely. But I'm unabashedly excited! Actually, this is right up my alley for fun times! Hubby might enjoy it even more than me.

I can download a GPS APP for my iPhone without having to purchase an expensive GPS device.

Well, all I can say is "happy hunting'. I'm the lady walking down the middle of the highway with my nose to the compass!

Take Care on the Journey,

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