June 10, 2010

We're Moving to Denver, Colorado!

We are set to move to Denver at the end of July.

I have my RN license and several job prospects - especially one that I will interview for in two weeks!!! (But, not Porter SDA)

We've also (finally) made a deposit on a beautiful place to live!!!! I don't want to post the link here on the blog, but if you're interested in knowing more, please email me and I'll send it to you.

This is why I've been a bit negligent here on the blog. I've just been swamped with getting things lined up and organized along with working at OSU with the Epic training.

This is bittersweet for me because I have so many wonderful friends here in Columbus. We love our little home. I have a good doctor, and all my contacts with couponing!!!!

But, I'm also really excited about living in Colorado; closer to oldest son and his girlfriend; finding a sweet apartment; and getting better job opportunities than I was finding here.

And hubby is finding his dream at the end of his rainbow. (That's to say he has always wanted to live "Out West".) So, we're both looking forward to the new direction in life.

I'll keep you posted and send pictures along the way.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life (no matter where we live)


Katy said...

How exciting! Good for you for making a move. I hope you find the job of your dreams. :)(And Jim finds a great one, too!)


Linda Meikle said...

Thanks Katy. Jim enjoyed his visit with Billy. Hopefully, I'll make it back someday.

We're really looking forward to this new adventure in our life!