July 20, 2010

10 Days Until We Leave For Denver

The kitchen's finally all boxed up!
All that's left is a spoon and a cup.
The walk-in closet is bare as a bone
Boxes stacked higher than King Tut's throne.
Yep, we've got 10 days to go.
Will the Penske truck overflow?

I'd write a lot more, but I'm way too tired.
Though I can't sleep 'cause I'm too wired.

Many roadblocks thrown in the way
But it's too late, our mind to sway!
We lost the driver of the truck
His license bad - gone to muck!
We needed help for the big unload
When we get to another home zip code.

A friend has agreed to make the drive
To Denver on August 4, we will arrive!
U-haul to the rescue with move.com
Two strong movers, and mom is calm.

A job awaits - or does it now?
We have faith we'll make it somehow.

One Maytag electric stove for sale
A nice big grille we just can't nail.
A garage full of stuff , we really can't part
Even though our heart says - that's not smart!

I'd write a lot more but I'm too tired
But rest assured that I'm inspired!

Take Care on the Journey,

Linda's E-mail: bestnurse@usa.com

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