July 28, 2010

36-Hours and Counting Until We Leave For Denver

Hi Everybody,

I've logged on and signed in several times but get called away from the computer before I can get my thoughts posted! I'm going to try one more time, although the bed needs to get cleaned off before hubby goes in for sleep, so I'll have to type real fast. lol

Broken toe and hobble-footed has hardly slowed me down, but one can hear me fussing a little when I step wrong, and the pain shoots up my leg!

Packing is going so well that we are pretty sure we don't have a big enough truck! We've switched from Penske to U-Haul so we can pull a trailer. (Penske doesn't have trailers.) Tonight I'm packing the suitcases for the long four-day trip across country. We lay over on Saturday while picking up our driver in Illinois. (Our very good friend, Floyd, who will be handed the keys to the truck while hubby and I drive the two cars.)

Officially, we pull out on Friday, July 30 and arrive in Denver on Monday, August 2. I have motels reserved along the way including Monday night just a few blocks from our new home that won't be available until Tuesday morning, August 4. I'm hoping to take advantage of the Best Western - stay two nights, get one night free - deal. Thinking I could use that free night to go visit Billy???

Tomorrow, I have a telephone interview at 3:45 p.m. for an EPIC job in Denver. I'm not suppose to give out details - so I won't - but wish me well once again and say a prayer that I will do well in the telephone interview. (Sandy, I hope you have lots of candles.) That would be a contract job doing what I did at OSU. By the way, they discovered me because of my resume posted on Monster.com

The day we arrive in Denver, I have another job interview at a regular nursing home where I know they need lots of help. The shift would be 2:30-10 p.m. that I would like very much.

Who knows, maybe I could do both jobs. :)))

OK. Hubby has just gently reminded me that he would like to go to bed soon. There are papers, books, suitcases and STUFF all over the bed. I'm really typing fast.

We're excited because youngest son will be here tomorrow night as he travels to Michigan for a family reunion and grandpa's 90th birthday. (I WAS suppose to be there.) There will be none of his favorite lazonia (sp) or even his good stand-by burritos cooking because the kitchen is completely packed, and the refrigerator is cleaned out and scrubbed down already. But, he knows that and is looking forward to a few precious moments together and a soft bed for the night. (I hope the pull-out is soft. ha ha)

Floyd's sister and her husband will be here sometime tomorrow and may stay the night. They are passing through to his home and will drive one of our cars there. (Yep, long story. You get the point.) They might sleep in sleeping bags on the floor. That's the best I can offer. But, all are welcome.

Speaking of welcome, If anyone reading this wants to join my cheering team as we load up on Friday, I think there will be a total of 11 people here between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Friday, July 30. Feel free to stop by and cheer me on!!! Email me for the address if you don't know it.


I won't be able to stop and visit much, but will be glad to give hugs to any of my friends who want to stop by!!!! :)))

Hubby is about to fall asleep on the floor already...

I'll try to post along the way to Denver, too.

By the way, there are a LOT of the number 55 going on. The last four numbers of zip code for our specific apartment in Denver ends in 55. The first payment ends in 55 cents. Our new telephone number ends in 55. The Quest payment is $55 a month. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even though I'll still be in touch on the blog, I'll feel like I'll miss each of you. Actually not, but it feels a bit like it.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your Friend in Life,

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