August 9, 2010

Our First Day in the Rockies

(I'm sure the spacing will be all messed up because I added these photos.)

We finally got the last box opened and either unpacked or redirected to the garage for now. A few items are mysteriously missing such as the cord to my keyboard, my toothbrush holder, and the printer black ink we purchased just before leaving Columbus. I'm wondering what else is in that box with my toothbrush holder!

Anyway we decided to set aside the finishing touches and head for the hills today! I guess we didn't stop to plan as we should have for this mountain run, as I have grown tired of lists and order for the last month! We forgot the camera, and our journey became much too long, so we had to turn back to finish it on another day.

The following photos are a last resort taken with my iPhone that was not intended to take scenic photos! But it's the idea that counts, and so I share. The full set is on my Facebook page. If you have an account there, you've already seen these.
I have to tell you a funny story, first. We discovered that we live very close to a Cold Stone Ice Cream store. Walking distance, in fact! Hubby is like a kid in a candy store - or ice-cream shop in this case.

Tonight he walked over three times only to find the line so long that he came back home. Finally, he decided to wait in line for a little cup of that delicious ice-cream! Yum, yum, yum! Happy hubby!!!

Just so you know, sometimes we are really homesick for our home in Columbus. Even though we are happy to be here, both of us agree that we do miss the comforts, friends, family, and familiar aspects of our former home.
Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

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