August 5, 2010

We're Here - We're Happy!

For those who don't follow me on Facebook, I'm updating to let everyone know we made it to Denver as scheduled and without any problems!

I have been offered a wonderful job that starts August 16. In the meantime, hubby and I are spending every waking moment unpacking and arraigning, changing, and rearranging all the rooms.

Today we got some room darkening curtains up in the bedroom, so maybe we can sleep better tonight without the lights in our face!

The kitchen has much less storage space than my kitchen in Columbus, so it's been taking longer to figure out where to put the most important items.

Sir Ceasar has traveled very well. He surprised us with his accommodation at every stop and his acceptance of the new home.

The movers showed up on time to load and later, unload. is one of the best ways to get help if you need to move something! You have to pay U-Haul up front, and then they pay the movers when the job is done. Check it out at

In Columbus, we really appreciated all the friends who came to help! Thanks so much.

We love the community where we live just north of Denver, and constantly appreciate the shadow of the great Rocky Mountains.

I hope to write many of you, and want all of you to know you are missed!

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

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