October 6, 2010

Do I Know You?

This is suppose to be a blog where "all the women are strong', but while there is lots of strength here on my website, I feel a little washed out today.

When I got up this morning, I reached into the refrigerator for some juice, and my back went into spasms so badly that I dropped it all over the floor.

Before that, my cat woke me up with a scream at 4:30 when he bit my foot as he was trying to get me out of bed! (He got locked out of the bedroom!) Ceasar sleeps all day, and wants to play at night. I have to talk with hubby about keeping that cat awake while I'm at work.

Today I got my first paycheck, and it had over 1/3 of my pay taken out in TAXES! Imagine making $600 and having $200 in taxes. I used to calculate 20% at most, but this is 33%. Hubby is going to have to look into that also. (He's my tax man too!)

Last night hubby did the grocery shopping. Something he's taken over because of my work schedule. While he's great at remembering everything and picking up some special goodies that he knows I like, I was remorseful because I didn't have any coupons to give him. I actually fussed a little instead of thanking him for doing such a good job. It wasn't because I didn't appreciate his willingness to help, but the guilt of not having those coupons ready. Seems like there just isn't enough time in the day for me.

As I mentioned on FB, we're having a fire drill at work this afternoon that will evacuate the entire 200-bed nursing home. I can't imagine how in the world they are going to accomplish this!!!!! But, I can certainly imagine how upset and confused many of my patients are going to be for the next few days, and how totally impossible it will be to keep a decent schedule for the rest of my shift tonight.

But, the kicker is this one. Yesterday I gave my two-week notice. It was a very positive letter of departure, but when I took it to Human Resource she said, "Oh I can't take that. Last time I did, they kicked my *%@!" She told me to give it to the interim director of nurses.

At that office, the IDON took my resignation letter, looked at me and said, "Do I know you?" (Seriously!) She also asked me if I was a RN or LPN and then said, "In your position, aren't you suppose to give a month's notice?"

I responded that I haven't even been there for a month, and a two-week notice is acceptable, and that she's had several contacts with me on my unit.

The joke now at work when I pass someone in the hall is, "Do I know you?" Word gets around like wildfire at a place like that. Especially something this funny and sad at the same time.

I've accepted a new job as RN Supervisor of a rehab unit working the Baylor shift, so I will have the week days to enjoy all the reasons we moved out here. And, I feel that I can fill some important nursing shoes during a time that many of the supervisors and administration are not around.

Several of my new and long-time friends are posed to give recommendations to a job I've already been offered. It's wonderful to know that I have so many loving and faithful friends in so many places.

This makes my heart happy.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

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