October 3, 2010

Too Beautiful For A Work-Day!

The weather here in Denver is gorgeous! (Did I spell that right?) No matter the spelling, it's so beautiful and perfect for sitting a spell on the porch letting the soft mountain breeze tantalize your mind into thinking it's a perfect day for calling in "sick' to work.

I never call in sick, and won't start now even though I'm exhausted and still have a bad headache. Maybe I'm not drinking enough water for this thin air. I forget about those necessities sometimes.

Tomorrow (Monday) is a scheduled off day, and I'm so looking forward to it!!!!

I should get my coupons in order and check out grocery sales, but I'm positively sure I'm pushing hubby Jim out the door and headed to the misty, autumn, mountain air of the local mountain peaks.

Oh, please don't tell (but, I really don't care if you do), I'm interviewing for a new job... I'm interested because it's called a Baylor shift where I can work Saturday and Sunday 16 hours and get paid for a 40-hour week.

Then we will be able to so all the things we came out here to do!

I will also have the title of "Charge Nurse" which I do NOT have at my current job five days a week. And, I will get off the med cart that is very hard for me physically. I'm pushing the cart and pushing pills 8-10 hours without a break. And, my current job just added extra responsibilities and no extra help or time. I have made it clear to one and all that I'm "not happy" about that.

While my current job has a great afternoon team that I love working with, and I find that my experience is often called upon, it's physically very hard for me, and we still have no director of nurses (DON) and only interim management of which I have had FIVE in the six weeks since I first made contact with them.

I told them I was interested in the assistant DON position, but no interest has been shown. I think they like that I'm on the floor (as we call it) and can handle anything that comes up.

So, here's to new ventures both at work and in the mountains!

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

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