November 15, 2010

It's In The Little Things

You may have noticed a blog I've linked to under 'Family, Friends, and Others" listed on the left-hand side of my Linda's Notebook blog. It's titled RN Blog in Portland, OR. I discovered his blog and enjoy his style of writing so much that I've added the link.

Today he wrote about little things at work making a big difference. From one nurse to another, you can tell he has 'been there done that". Although he works in a more critical unit than I do now, I can identify with his experiences.

I'm finding that I really appreciate Monday mornings now that my work schedule is the Baylor shift. That is to say I work double 8-hour shifts (16 hours) on Saturday and Sunday (32+ hours in two days), get paid for 40, and I'm off the rest of the week. (I actually "work" about 40-hours in those two days before it's all said and done anyway!)

I suspect that deep down inside, my church-going family and friends cringe a little because there's no chance of church-going on Sabbath (Saturday, for me). Well, I wasn't attending a specific church anyway, so please (continue to) remember me in your prayers as you've always done, and have faith that I'm still 'keeping the faith'.

Back to Mondays and little things...

The phone rang about 6 a.m. this morning causing the cats to jump off the bed and hubby to murmur "What's wrong? What's wrong?".

Now that we have added a new cat to our family, I've discovered that cats have a night language and a day language. During the night, they have this soft little purr-talk back and forth. Only cat-lovers can appreciate this 'little thing', but I think it's so cute. It lets me know that all is well with the 'night world'.

There's a chill on the kitchen floor this morning, and as I pull back the kitchen curtains, I see a very fine, misty, snow creating a white carpet over the parking lot, the cars, and the branches of the small trees. Darn, I wanted to drive up into the 'Golden Mountains" this afternoon. Maybe it will just be a 'little snow'. LOL

I can make a "to-do" list for the week.

Water all my plants as I forgot last Thursday's watering.
Get a new electric water dish for the cats.
Put the PUR water pitcher in the dishwasher and add a new filter.
Get my new scrubs I ordered all pressed and ready for next weekend.
Make an updated "shift notes' for when I have to take the cart at work.
Get my nails done in French today. (It's a nursing home for crying out loud.)
Put some lemon/bleach in the smelly garbage disposal.
Hang some pictures in the study. (They are still behind the couch since our move to Denver.)
Check out his week's coupons and compare with store sales.
Clean out and organize my nursing bag. Toss all the peanut-butter crackers!
Put my files back in the filing cabinet.
Upload new pictures to my picture frame on the piano.
Re-design my Linda's Notebook blog (but keep the piano).

Speaking of the piano, I got out the headphones and played on my keyboard a couple days ago. I'm ashamed to say it's been many months since I sat down and played the piano. Usually, my back starts hurting after just a few minutes, but that morning I was able to enjoy "Beautiful Ohio" all the way through! (Little things...)

I got an unexpected package in the mail the other day from an old friend. My boys will remember, Lydie Regazzi? She sent me a little pillow that says, "Nurses Call the Shots". How SPECIAL! We haven't actually talked to each other in, what?, 15-years? She is the best piano teacher EVER in Berrien Springs, MI. I can still remember that little smile and sparkle in her eyes when any of her students were on stage playing in a recital (my boys included). Thanks Lydie, although I don't think she knows about this blog.

I'm so glad to see I have a couple more "Followers" here on my blog. Hi Dee and Ashley's Mom. Hope this brings some sunshine to your day. Thanks for joining! I always enjoy your writings too.

Back to "Portland Nurse" (, I'm sure he's posted more than once about the awful effects of poor nursing management and not paying attention to the little things. He's right. Sometimes it's just a bad day, and sometimes it's because certain nurses never learn the imporatnce of paying attention to the little things.

Yesterday was a good example at my job. One nurse started out 'bad' with a skin tear that wouldn't stop bleeding and had to be sent out. Then, a frail little lady crashed and had to get an IV started. (She's almost 100-years old and kept screaming, "I don't want that. Just let me die in peace.")

An unexpected admission hit the door that NO ONE was expecting. (How can that happen?) Bedside tables were full to overflowing. Personal wheelchairs came up missing. No one passed ice. We ran out of temp covers, and CS isn't open on Sunday! Someone didn't put the pulse-ox meter back, and no one could find it. Pharmacy didn't spell a patient's name right and insisted we didn't have that patient. An air mattress bed was delivered that wouldn't fit through the door. Two patients' blood sugars crashed at the same time after a meal of unlimited spaghetti. The shower room was ice cold. Well, you get the picture about crescendoing 'little things'.

Oh yes, that 6 a.m. phone call. My iPhone indicated it was youngest son. I don't believe he has ever called that early.

His first words, "It's nothing major, mom." He knows I'm happy for the little newies of life anytime I can get it from my sons. He is taking the day off from work (teaching), and just wanted to share.

"I know you're always up early," he offered.

Funny, most people think of me as
1) always working, and
2) always up early

Hey guys, I have only one job these days, and sometimes I actually sleep in.

This morning, I curled up on the couch as Philip and I talked about many 'little things' of his life. Hubby stumbled out of the bedroom with a worried look on his face. I smiled and mouthed "Philip" to which he completely understood and turned back to bed.

Okay, this was going to be a 'little posting' before I started my day. I hope we get a 'little snow', and I get the 'little' t0-do list done quickly.

The Golden Mountain beckons.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

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lostonthefloor said...

Just wanted to say Thanks! for the mention/link and compliments! I too worked the weekend 32, was my first job out of school so I know the travails and how nice Monday mornings are. And just a FYI, it's "Lost on the Floor". Thanks again!