December 3, 2010

Linda's December Song

I enjoy sharing my poetry with my family and friends.
This one just bubbled up and out today. Enjoy.

Linda’s December Song

A call from a friend who is tired and spent
“I haven’t got a cent,” she sadly laments.
“Work and sleep, dishes piled deep, and clothes in a heap!
We’ve all got the flu and no medical breakthrough.
Feeling like a dork who’s in need of a cork!"

Another call from a friend whose voice is a cheer!
“How are you my friend?” A favorite dear!
Boys washing dishes, mom making a pie
The world is blight, but we will fight
For family and friends and that far distant light
Of rainbows and glow from everything white.
We won’t stay down. Let go of that frown!
Although it seems we just spent out last dime
On Christmas cranberries and seasoning thyme."

The difference between then and now. Time has changed us all somehow.
We email, or text or ding this and that. Post it, twitter or Internet Chat!
Our faces have morphed into a Facebook dwarf
It’s not a checkbook, hymnbook, or textbook new.
It’s a babbling brook, used as a fishhook to catch a few!

Remember when a blackberry was something to eat as a treat.
And, a bluebird was something that loved to tweet!
MySpace was where the astronauts worked and lived.
Google was something a turkey said - just before he lost his head.
“Networking” stood for a group of neurons back when I went to school
Now, job hunting just got better with this Internet pool.
A Bookmark pretty to find your place. Now it’s used as an Internet trace.

I remember when Amazon was a river deep. Known better now for its prices cheap.
A Vulture is more than a bird with an ugly face.
It’s someone circling for a parking space.
A Blog is where we love to blab. It used to mean a servant boy in a college lab.
A “favorite” used to be one of my kids. Today, it keeps a log of my Internet grids.
When Farmville was where the cows were milked:
Now our pigs share truffles to the hilt.

Today families must fight or flight. No longer need to hold each other tight.
The difference between God and church is now a bunch of mad research.
Unemployment lines are long and thin. No one knows when there’ll be jobs again.
Soldiers go off to war – and leave the same. No one knows who’s to blame.

It can look so very bad. One digs real deep to find some GLAD.
It’s starts with me, and next is YOU - to find the strength to turn off sad.
Turn on that smile and go the second mile! Help others as I’ve helped you.
Do something nice and help a few. Live and love as I love you.

By Linda J. Meikle

Take Care on the Journey,

Your friend in life,



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Love your poem!!

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forgot my password, so i'll be anonymous.