December 22, 2010

Lunar Eclipse - Denver, Colorado - Part 3

Many have asked how I got these awesome lunar eclipse photos early morning December 21, 2010. Beyond my "lucky" mode, here are the stats from my camera.

BTW, the film photos came out as large blobs of white except for three that may have been fixable with Photoshop, but Walgreens thought the film was 'nothing' so they didn't save to disk as I asked them to. I'm still working on Walgreens. lol

So for you camera buffs (or professionals), here's what I used on a tripod:

When the moon was full, I had no trouble with point and shoot using my Nikon D80 but near the end, it wouldn't take the picture without 'flash' even on the tripod, so I added my big ole Nikon SB-26 flash WITHOUT the batteries (to 'fool" the hotshoe) and it clicked. I set the camera on the night mode picture setting and used a 80-70 mm 1:3.5-4.5G LENS.

I have some absolutely stunning printed photos that will go in our Christmas cards this year. If anyone else would like to have some, please email your request to Free, of course. Just ask.

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