January 7, 2011

Denver Geocaching. Our First Find!

I've been talking about geocaching for awhile now! It's a world-wide treasure hunting hobby using a GPS to find little containers hidden (but not buried) all over the world. Today, hubby and I found out FIRST without the use of our new GPS, but going by directions and hints posted on the Internet.

There are several sites where you can look for information on geocaching, but the one I'm a member of and use for obtaining information on hidden geocaches is geocaching.com

You can also get free memberships at garmin.com and others you can google.

Here are the photo memories of our first "find" we did together today. Soon, hubby and I plan to "hide" our own geocaches. Later, my sister and I will hide some in Florida and Colorado.

Harder to find than it looks!

Hubby opens the small container...

Hubby left one of his cat-eyes marbles in the container.

We weren't sure this was the tree, but it was the closest to the grain depot we were suppose to start from.

The signature log we signed.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

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Erika Jean said...

Be careful, it is a HIGHLY addicting activity! Look forward to future geocaching posts!

You can read mine via the tab at the top of my blog ;-)