January 6, 2011

My Sister Just Found Her First Geocache!

Writer's Block is how I feel today. It's like being hungry for something and not knowing what it is! I got up early to "write', but can't get the words to start!

However, there are some ideas waiting to push through, and a couple "shout-outs' to post... I haven't figured out a title yet, so you'll have to glance up and see the final decision.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite twins, Kylie and Tony! They turn six-years-old today and they live in Columbus, Ohio! Hey guys, I played that multi-million jackpot last Tuesday night and had all these plans to share it with the people I love the most - you included - but they gave it to those people in Washington and Idaho. Now who in Idaho needs $175 million dollars? Well, we can share the love because I do love you guys so much. >)

Another HAPPY BIRTHDAY to oldest son who turns old enough to know better but young enough to have time to enjoy it anyway! His birthday is tomorrow (Friday). He and Colleen are planning a unique birthday celebration to include Billy's paintings at what I call an 'open-house'. You know I WISH I could be there. Next year we will be better prepared to celebrate more things together! If anyone reading his lives in the Portland area, you are invited. See Billy's FB (if you are a friend) for more details.

THANK-YOU to Bonnie for checking my blog almost every day even though we may never see each other again. I don't have your phone number or address there in a little town near Columbus, Ohio, but my blog site meter records the 'server' of each person who logs in, and I know who you are. There is also a faithful reader in California who checks in most every day. It's for all of you who look for new news on my blog (or posting by email) that keeps me posting at least once a week.

While Bonnie checks in for new postings, I check to see if Bonnie has checked in!!! It makes me feel so lucky to know I have this silent friend who checks my website so often.

For those who got our Christmas letter, I said I wouldn't be working extra shifts, but yesterday I pulled my first middle-of-the-week 3-11 extra shift. It's a long story, but had more to do with letting work know that I enjoy my job enough to come in when they are in a pinch. (Another nurse called off.) I'm posting for all the world to see that I might not be so quick to say yes next time.

On my 32-hour weekend shift, I'm the RN Charge Nurse and respected for that position. And, the weekend supervisor is sooooo kind and professional to work with. My usual weekend 'team' enjoys the camaraderie of being considered the "Peanut Butter and Jelly Team" where we 'need to stick together' and where 'it's sweet to be there'. (I made that up.)

As a fill-in, I was an official nobody but a "med cart nurse".

Yesterday, I realized that because I'm there on the weekends for two shift starting at 6:30 a.m., I have some control of how the day goes. Yesterday, I came in to a lot of unfinished business to catch up on, and never didn't get up to speed with my patients or shift duties! Also, because I was a "call-in" on the floor that I usually work, the staff still came to me with problems like they do when I'm charge nurse even though I had MORE patients (14) than any other nurse because someone making the assignment didn't know how to count.

(I've done a lot of deleting here to keep from getting into any trouble should people from work read this - which I doubt, but anyway.)

I'm just saying, yesterday was a shift from hell that I do not want to repeat. I didn't get home until after 1 a.m. and had not a minute's break for 10 hours! After I got home and was lying in bed recounting my shift in minute detail to Jim (who still can't sleep and isn't feeling up to par yet), I realized that I did a lot of good things with my patients in spite of feeling that it was so frustrating that I had to keep telling myself I wasn't going to cry!

It wasn't one person's fault, but it started with a call-off (never good in nursing), my report starting 45-minutes late, my CNA getting violently sick (he threw up in the middle of the hall), a fall that happened before I got there, but somehow I was responsible for the phone calls and paperwork???, a supervisor who didn't have keys to the laundry room (and didn't seem to care), a new patient who was on her call light at least every five minutes, an extremely high blood sugar, a backlog of pain pill requests, and no treatments done on the day shift. There's much more, but I already vented to hubby, and I should let it all go now. lol

(Except that I just got a call from work asking why I didn't fill out the paperwork and make the calls for the "fall".)

Two thoughts kept me going last night: As oldest son knows because I was talking to him on the phone as it happened, I was offered the coveted parking spot by two employees at work yesterday.

I had forgotten that the afternoon shift always has a challenge to find a parking spot close to the nursing home. When I pulled in, there was one spot left and THREE cars vieing (sp) for it. Being the polite person that I am (sometimes that's not so good), I motioned for the other two staff people to take the parking spot, but both people indicated that I should pull in !!! They waved as they pulled back out onto the roadway to find a parking place a couple blocks away!

More than getting the good parking place, I realized that there is some kind regard for me as a person. That act of kindness (from two of my co-workers) counts for so much!

The other thought that kept me going was the fact that hubby promised to go with me to the mountain today. (I hope he feels like it when he wakes up!)

I'm off to finish laundry and vacuum. Maybe the noise will wake him and the cats, so we can start our day.

BREAKING NEWS: As I was finishing this, I got a text and photo from my sister, Sandy, in Tampa. She just found her first geocache!!!! (On the Gandy bridge, I think. (Later: No, this one was near Sams Club in Tampa.) She has posted photos on her Facebook.

All I can say is that I got her started - but big congrats to her!
Interested in Geocaching? Go to geocaching.com

She and I both got a GPS from Santa, and she got hers up and going. Mine still needs its batteries! We are both geocaching members. I look forward to getting my first find here in Colorado, but I gotta get those batteries in and get started. Congrats Sandy! I'm so proud for you.

Remember, I'm thinking of each of my family and friends. Each time I post here on my blot, I imagine you close beside me as we "chat' here in the Internet of space and time.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life always,

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