February 8, 2011

In Case of Emergency Call This Number

This is a message for my children, but also important information for everyone.

I'm asking each of my children to please put a little card near their Drivers License ID that says, "In Case of Emergency, call my mom, Linda Meikle, at 614 329-7513."

Even though we currently live in Colorado, I still get breaking news from former hometowns of Berrien Springs, MI and Columbus, OH. The reason why I do that might take a room full of physiologists to figure out, but I've always enjoyed being up-to-date on current events, the weather, and changing events of people and places I know.

Today, the breaking news in Columbus was a truck that went into the Olentangy River at I-270 and S.R. 315. This is the exact route I took on my way to work at The Ohio State Medical Center when we lived there.

Reading that article took me to the comments about the story posted by readers. I was shocked at how brutal people can be to each other on this public forum, but at the very end I noticed a link at the end of a comment. I clicked on that link.

Interestingly, I noticed from the news photos that it was a white Cadi just like ours that was involved in the accident (but not in the river). The truck was hauling mattresses, of all things. Two men were rescued, but no life-threatening injuries after that 20-foot drop from the ramp into the icy river.

The LINK from a comment is what piqued my interest. http://www.money-burge.com/  is a mother's website that was created after her son was killed in a car accident, and the manner in which she was notified.

Not that I ever expect to get any bad news of my sons, but I want to know immediately and without any hindrances if there's ever a problem I should know about. I think I'll even put the numbers of my boys with my drivers license too!

The two men who were pulled from the river may even be on national news tonight, but I hope their closest relatives find out sooner.

Maybe this will help someone else.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

Linda's E-mail: bestnurse@usa.com

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