February 9, 2011

Dinner in Denver

This is so cute. If the pictures don't load, I hope you'll go to the website. HERE

Those golden fall leaves still cling to the porch under the patio chair. Today, they look like someone sprayed Dream Whip all over them.  Oh wait, that's snow!

Notice the tiny little paw tracks? That was a red squirrel looking for food.

You'd never guess what he's looking at through the window...
(Apologies for the trash bags. That's where it goes in -20 degree weather!)
"Come'ere you little rat!"

Never mind the cat, I found some cache!

Anybody know how to get out there?

If I can't see you, maybe you'll go away...

Come back another day
Take Care on the Journey,

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. So cute!