May 19, 2011

Found A Home - Looking For a RN Job!

I can tell you now that we've finished closing on the house, and some of you already know, but my followers here on the blog, perhaps, haven't heard yet...

I was laid off from my nursing job along with about a dozen other nurses and CNA's here in Denver.  My last day was May 6, and you wouldn't believe how hard it is to get a response from resumes posted and phone calls made!!!

The facility I was working for lost a big contract and closed one wing of its 120-bed skilled and long-term care.  Some employees who have been there for more than five years were also given a 30-day notice.  It was a very sad and frustrating last month there for everyone.

Right now, NEITHER of us have a paying job.  Being without work is something that has never happened in my lifetime!  I've normally carried several jobs at one time, as my children will attest.

I'm putting out leads every day, and expect this experience to be short-lived and serve to make me stronger.  At least I'm learning how to be even more frugal in every area of living!

In the meantime, our home is looking more pleasingly complete every day. Yesterday we put up about 30 pictures on the walls. Some that had been in storage for years!  I'm happy to see the family smiling from the walls all around me. Our bedroom is mostly for our kids and our wedding photos. The living room is laid out with 20x30's of nature pictures I've taken over the years. The study has Jim's old but treasured Ansel Adams large framed posters along with some favorites of mine.

A work-in-progress in the study.

Seasonal angels watch over the dining room.
 Our walk-in closet is shared, but my side includes a small, personal, "angel wall".
I'm still working on the bathrooms.

Personal Space in the walk-in.
 I wish hubby Jim had some strong backs to help him unload the garage of boxes to the basement. But, he's doing that slowly and carefully. It will take a few more days for that task. Neither of us want a unsightly 'neighbor-view' of all our overflow personal belongings! (Although every garage we see with the doors open are filled with household items instead of cars!)

For window coverings, we're using what we have on hand, and hope people don't laugh. Actually, the windows look rather happy with a touch of JC Penney, Wal-Mart, and Linda's special home-made variety of privacy decorations.  We're rather proud of how we've decorated the home and stayed within a budget of $0.  (Well, except for one major trip to Wal-Mart.)

The cats have found all the warm-fuzzy areas. They had to adjust to no carpets on the floor and more spaces to explore. We just wish they wouldn't do the noisy, knock-down, high-jumping, explorations at 3 a.m.! 

Little Paws as high up as he can get!

Sir Ceasar just wants to be close to people he loves!

Stay close to those you love, And, Take Care on the Journey,

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