May 10, 2011

Moving - One Trash Bag At A Time, and A Very Sick Lady!

...And, Uggg, you would not like what you see!!!

We're using trash bags for several great reasons.
They are reusable
They're "space effective".
You can get more into the car or truck.
They're easier for me to carry
I get trash bags almost free with coupons
Since we're emptying the bags at our new home as we arrive,
we don't have to label them.

This is the most horrible part of moving!

 But, the snow is gone,
and the flower bed is pretty already!

 See the orange butterfly I 'planted' next to the rock?

It's not massive, but we used the opportunity to meet and greet our neighbors
on Mother's Day Sunday as we cleaned the bed and planted these. (Yes, hubby did the hard part.)
First, the kids on the block came up on their bikes and told us ALL about themselves and their siblings, and their parents, and a few things I'm sure they shouldn't have.  :)
Then, the parents wandered over where we were sitting on the ground (we got up, of course) and introduced themselves. We even made a deal with a neighbor boy to mow our tiny, little, yard for $5.

Sadly, the wonderful woman who sold us the house (also Linda) is in the hospital ICU in serious condition after a seven-hour surgery. I went to see her yesterday, but she was still barely conscious.  She did nod her head that she knew who I was. She does need our prayers.

When we arrived on Sunday to plant the flowers, I found her in the kitchen doubled over in pain. I asked her movers to take her to the ER right then.

We've become great friends in the few days we've known each other. She read my book and passed it on to her friends. She calls me her "twin" because we are so much alike. (Mentally & Spiritually) Even our signatures (left-handed) are very similar.  At closing, they asked if we knew each other before buying the house.  After the closing, we all went to lunch and would have sat and chatted all afternoon, but we all had lots to do!

When I got to the hospital yesterday, two women were sitting with her. They jumped up to welcome me as soon as I said my name was Linda. They knew all about me, and thought it was a miracle that I found them.  They said they had been trying to get in touch me and had even looked through Linda's cell numbers to reach me. (They didn't know my last name.)

I'll be going back to check on Linda today. She has a very long recovery ahead. Her plans to move to New Mexico are on hold even though her rental car is sitting at a friend's house all packed to leave. The Pod with all her belongings still sits in our driveway. She hadn't even finished cutting off some utilities to the house, so it might be interesting how that works out.

At least the official signing and closing was completed only hours before she was rushed to the ER.

Take Care on the Journey
And, be ready any moment!
Your friend in life,

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BabyElder said...

Thanks for the article. I'm also using garbage bags to move. I'm pregnant and boxes are to hard to carry.