August 16, 2011

The Doctor Is In - But He Won't See You Now

Life is...

Life is busy and wonderful.  Frustrating and Exciting. Depressing and Fulfilled. Happy and Thankful. Joyous and Tiring. Did I say busy and wonderful?

I love my job as RN Supervisor on the weekends, and have picked up a couple extra shifts in another area of my company in what is called the Wellness Clinic. I worked there two days last week and saw a handful of older residents who came down for a blood pressure check - or just to see the new nurse who was covering for their favorite nurse who took a week's vacation.

Online education (RN-BSN) is exciting and wonderful. I'm making top grades. It's been 6 of 8 weeks for the first class. My how times flies by!  We'll see what the next course holds.

Family news: Grandpa Cash was hospitalized for a few days but has returned to his assisted living apartment and seems to be much improved.

Oldest son announces marriage intentions!  We are so pleased because we think his 'intended' is just wonderful, and they make a great couple. No date or place yet.

Youngest son and wife made the move from S.Carolina to Kansas where he has a math teaching position at a middle school. Good luck to them on this new adventure!  It's been a real busy time for youngest son as he flew out for a job interview. Flew back and drove a U-Haul 1,200 miles in two days. Flew back to help his wife finish up the packing and drive the car to Kansas. Then, start his new job only a few hours after they arrived! Whew! I couldn't do that anymore.

Hubby has a serious job interview in two days. We're happy for the possible opportunity, but a little nervous and worried that it works out.

Oh, the depression. Well, maybe close. When I got up this morning, I heard geese honking over the house and even saw the shadow of a bunch of them in the sunlight on the living room floor.  It hit me that I hadn't heard geese since we left Ohio. The memories of our last place where geese and ducks ate corn at our front door, and deer fed in the back yard brought some sadness for a few minutes.  The friends and family we left behind... Of course, I  remembered our precious fur-children, Sheba and Ching-Ching. Even if we still lived in Ohio, we wouldn't have them at our sides anymore.  Sometimes it's too sad for words.

About that doctor who wouldn't see me.  It wasn't quite that way, but my doctor apparently moved to another office and no one told me. When I tried to get some of my meds reordered, seems no one could find my file, and the order was delayed so much that I actually ran out of my meds!!!  When we tried to get authorization, they said we had to pay cash to the tune of about $120.00 for one med. At the end of our rope, we said okay. Then we were told this particular diabetic med needed "pre-authorization" from a doctor who couldn't find my file and wouldn't order anything until she got it. Let's just say that hubby went to the pharmacy and returned with my medications.....

Here's a cat question. We've almost renamed Little Paws to "Mr. 3 a.m.".  He has a persistent habit of waking up at 3 a.m. every morning where's he's been peacefully sleeping on his pillow at the head of the bed - on my side!  He wakes up almost on the dot of 3 a.m. and decides it's time to sleep on my face and my pillow!  If I push him away, he returns persistently time after time. If we put him out, he scratches on the door making large scratch marks. If we put him in the basement, he sounds like a lion in distress!  I'm actually exhausted because of it.

Answer: Today I went to Wal-Mart and bought another pillow. When Mr. 3 a.m. takes over my pillow, I can move over to the new pillow and hope we can both get a little more sleep.

Happy birthday to Sandy's husband, Craig on August 17. We hope it's a great day and that you get the job you hope for today!

I've been tired all day and almost put off posting here until 'tomorrow', but I know at least one of you checks.  This one is for you.

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Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

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