August 23, 2011

A Home For Dee Dee - Our New Fur-Child

Dee Dee

Dee Dee
A face only a mother could love,
but a sweetie little thing!
Today was the day we set out to find us another fur-child.  We've been without a dog in the home for a couple years now, and although knowing we could leave the house for a couple days at a time without worry was great, I was beginning to feel the emptiness of not having that companion under my feet, a beggar under the table, and a cuddle bug in my lap. 
The rules were simple:  We wanted a small dog. Not very old, but not a puppy. Housebroken and friendly. Getting along with cats would be a plus, too.

The reaction at the shelters was quite different. We asked to see the big Goldens and Chows. We discovered they were almost 10 years old, and probably not housebroken after being in a kennel so long.  And big enough to eat cats!!!

Here are a couple that we considered for a few moments at least.


Daisy Mae

Number 59
Oh, there were so many more!  We spent the entire day traveling from shelter to shelter in our county and beyond!  We didn't even stop to eat!  Finally, we ended up at the Petsmart close to home where (after playing with every big dog in the store!),  Jim and I reminded ourselves of the 'rules' and decided on Dee Dee.

Well, I decided on Dee Dee and showed Jim how she fit all the expectations we had set.  (Pretty face wasn't on the list...)  There was another slightly bigger dog we had to make a choice between. We called him "Gray Hair" because he did look like he had long gray hair!  I thought he was the most ugly dog in the shelter, but we weren't counting looks. 

In the end, I think Dee Dee was shaking the hardest.

Petsmart gave us a lot of free things and COUPONS for more. Dee Dee, about 2-years-old,  has been spayed and has had lots and lots of medical care. She only cost $49.00 which is way less than what I expected.

Tonight, she's settled in the recliner snuggled close to Jim's knees as he reads a book. (He may stay in the recliner all night!) The cats are circling, but behaving. She's been under my feet in the kitchen hoping for a treat, and has let us know she wants the sliding patio door opened for a potty break in the (fenced) back yard.

Earlier, as we got into the car to leave Petsmart, very carefully holding onto Dee Dee like she was a china doll, she suddenly jumped into the back seat with a little leap and curled up on Jim's jacket as if to say, "I know how to do this. I'm home now!"

And so she is...

Welcome home, Dee Dee

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

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Anonymous said...

Auntie Sandy says Welcome Home, WELCOME HOME DeeDee!!!!