October 14, 2011

Colorado Aspens October 2011

I posted this one on Facebook, but the snow is the first flakes of winter 2011.
You can click on the photo for a close-up view. (You can't do that on FB)
Today we took a drive about an hour west of Denver looking for the last of this year's colorful Aspens. My favorite tree next to the flowering Dogwood of Tennessee!

Here are the photos taken as we climbed higher and higher, we ran into the first snow of winter!  When we left Denver, it was a sunny 71 degrees. An hour later, it was snowing and 32 degrees!

We loved the fog in the high mountains.

Wonder if there's gold in that creek?

That spot of orange (center left) caught my eye.

This is where we pulled over to video the Aspen shimmering in the wind.
Next is a video of the bad weather we ran into a few minutes after these pictures were taken... (Sorry, video wouldn't load.)
We turned around when it got 32 degrees outside!

I have a beautiful video of the Aspen's but it won't lead here. I'll go ahead and post the pictures until I can figure it out.

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