October 3, 2011

September Elk at Estes Park and Geocaching

Last week, (September 27, 2011) Jim and I took a drive up to Estes Park, CO for the afternoon. We always find elk in that quaint mountain town where the entrance to the Rocky Mountains opens a whole new world of nature, and the elk are protected.  Today, we did some fun geocaching at Mary's Lake near Estes Park, but only saw one elk up close!
I believe you can click on each photo for a larger close-up.  Enjoy our journey with us.

He was grazing near some workmen who were trying to build a fence.

Cars were lined up with people taking pictures, but he didn't mind.

We found this comfortable buck resting near some camping cabins.

The film was in the camera for about six months, saving this photo from an earlier trip.

These geese were making quite a racket on the lake!

We spent a while searching for a geocache around here!
Oh!!! Here's that geocache!

One last look back at the elk holding up progress on the fence.
 Take Care on the Journey
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