December 8, 2011

Time For Reflection

Creative thinking creates more creative thoughts...
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I woke up the other morning at 4:30 a.m.  The wind was howling snow around the house, and the warm electric blanket was blissful. Little Paws was on her mini-pillow just above my regular pillow. Sir Caesar was stretched out over both my feet, and little DeeDee was curled up between me and hubby.

I couldn't move without disturbing all the furry children, and I couldn't go back to sleep, so I just thought about things I needed to think about!

What are they doing at work?  Did they send someone home for low census (like I do on weekends)? Or, are they working with full staff when someone should have gone home?  Maybe I'll work with full staff this weekend and see if anyone says anything?  Well, move on...

What will I get done today? First is some meditation and then school work on the computer. I'm thinking that we have an online instructor who is in the hospital for sciatica (I think), but still trying to keep up with her online teaching. Sometimes the morphine shows through.  I like perfection. Her ups and downs and inconsistency irritate me. Who am I to complain? I'm making 99.8 percent.  Well, move on...

There's the hiding spot in my closet where I've hidden Christmas gifts. I need to pull them all out and see who gets what. Who do I still need to buy for? Oh my, that reminds me that I've not even started Christmas cards. Most of our family and friends don't even have our new address.  Will I add a Christmas letter?  A photo? Maybe a nice reflective poem about the year. We moved again. We have a sweet new home. We got a darling new dog. These questions are too big to finish thinking about now. Move on...

How much are we going to decorate this year?  I know the couple before us even added something to the roof of the house. There are hooks along the eves for lights to cover the entire roof. Oh dear. That's way too much work. Are we even going to put up a tree?  Nobody's coming to visit. But, maybe someone will stop by. And we don't even have a tree up? Yep, we'll bring the artificial tree from the basement and start with that. Move on...

Thinking about the new job (transfer) I applied for makes me feel warmly happy. I'm going to change the office around and bring the desk out of the room with no windows. Well, the only room that has a window is the patient area, but I'll redecorate and move my desk and computer to the room where the door is. That way I can see anyone who comes to the door rather than be surprised by someone standing in the doorway to the room with no windows.  I'll wear street clothes with a lab coat, so will need to go shopping if I get the job.  Love thinking about the new job...

Will hubby ever get work again? Or, should we plan our retirement without his additional income? He just had another interview last week, but got turned down.  That's always on my mind, so why let it spoil my early morning reflection?  Move on...

(Forward three weeks...)

Still haven't heard about my new job, but I was told a decision might be made before Christmas.

Yep, we put up a tree and had so much fun with it, we decorated a lot more. But, no, we're not going to string lights outside. Too cold for that! Too much work for neighbors we don't even know.

I gave my instructor and my online school an evaluation that I sure hope they don't pass on to the instructor. (Do they ever do that?)  I said the school should have let her take time off to get well. That she shouldn't have been trying to teach when she was on narcotics. That she tried real hard, but I had to take time to show her where I DID answer the question and I should have gotten credit (that I didn't need.) But, it was the point of it.  (She gave me the three points.)

Hubby says he's found three new jobs to apply for.  Oh dear. Now the long wait for the phone call or email with an invite... But, what if he gets a job?  I simply won't know how to act.

Oh yes, I've added a new blog. That makes 19 blogs I own.  The link is HERE or

So, next time you find yourself with a few extra minutes, here's some things you can do.
  1. Set the clock in the car an hour ahead like it should be.
  2. Come up with a better way to keep the gloves, scarfs and hats together. (A shoe bag inside the closet door)
  3. Makes notes to yourself with a few goals for healthy living (even if you are living healthy).
  4. Finally decide what you're going to wear to the Christmas party.
  5. Find some new dishes to make for dinner and add them to the weekly menu.
  6. Call a friend you've been meaning to touch bases with.
  7. Send a birthday card to someone who isn't expecting it.
  8. Speaking of birthdays, set up a notification list of BD's and occasions.
  9. Organize one drawer in your home. Make it a prize-winner!
  10. Set up bill pay on your computer (if that's something you can do).
Well, here's my ten. Can you come up with more?
Feel free to add them as a comment. I'd love to see a whole bunch of 'reflective thinking'.

Don't forget to check out my new blog and leave a comment there too, if you want to.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

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