August 24, 2006

Five dollars and seventy-nine cents!

(See this photo better at

EnglishRose Photography...On the shores of Lake Michigan. I worked barefoot that day!

Before I get to the subject of photography....

I got my first check from AuthorHouse Publishing today – But don’t blink! $5.79. I can frame it and make it worth a lot more 55 years from now! Considering I’ve given away $500 worth of my books, looks like AH would have been slightly more generous. ha-ha

In other news this week, I got the 'Day Job' but didn’t get the ‘two women and a house’. (It was too small!) I’ve been busy on my two days off. Jim and I drove around looking for small units for rent but I’ve decided that perhaps I should keep my photography to weddings for the time being and let the studio develop along the way.

Earlier today, I designed a brochure at I used pictures from my website and can't wait to see it. I've also designed business cards but not going to order them until they send me a 'special" email for free cards...

Tonight I will research current prices for weddings and make up some outlines for contracts and wedding packages.

The phone rang early this morning waking both of us. Jim had a long night on the road, so neither of us got to sleep until after 4 a.m.

Jim already got the call yesterday morning informing him that he didn’t get the state job he interviewed TWICE for, but I sleepily answered the phone this morning. (Yea, it was a bummer yesterday.)

This is Linda…”

“Cherry morning, Linda. This is Pat. That day shift you asked for? Seems the person I asked to take the job turned me down, so you’re at the top of the list. From now on you can consider the job yours. Remember you will loose your night shift differential. ($3.00 an hour!) We’ll try to get you started by the end of September.”

Thanks, Pat.”

Well, now you know as much as I do. Jim says I'll feel a lot better working days, but it was so peaceful at night that I'd been having second thoughts about changing shifts. Pat didn't give me much choice, though, which was just as well.

I’m being hounded by a TV movie, “Mona Lisa Smile”. I’ve turned the TV off three times but keep turning it back on. The movie was made in 1953 and portrays the style and music (and art) of the time in a story set at a strict girl’s school. There’s a tug at my heart because I’m sure my mom was singing the same songs and dressing in the same fashion of that time.

So, I give up! I’m off to the soft chair in the living room. Sheba will surround me with her toys at my feet while I finish watching the movie.

I’ll be back soon.

Take Care on the Journey,


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Shallow Throat said...

I used Vistaprint for free business cards for my blog and was very happy with how they turned out. Only paid shipping, $6.80, if I remember correctly.

I enjoyed Mona Lisa Smile too.