May 20, 2007

Back In Service!

Welcome "Youngest Son" who has added this site to his Navigation Bar.
Thank goodness for techno savvy Jim! A new hard drive and hours of re-installing programs and I'm on the web FROM HOME! We upgraded to Windows XP and a higher version of Explorer too.

I'm still searching for all my favorite haunts, and some I may never find again because I lost all my 'favorites" section. Uggg!

Please, dear reader, remember to write down addresses, blogsites and places of interest, so if your computer drops dead, you have a back-up! Also, keep refreshing your external hard drive or save to disk any information of importance! I'll be months catching up on all I lost and some I will simply never get back.

I'm sure in the coming days, I'll think of other things I 'lost' in that moment of time when the computer just started rebooting itself and wouldn't do anything else. Just now as I added a picture, I realized I lost perhaps hundreds of pictures that I had in my picture file. ....Including all the photosbylinda photography pictures...Shelley has a disk with those, so all is not lost there.

Well, I'm still around and plan to keep writing and reaching out to those who stop by this way.

Take Care on the Journey,
~Linda/Mama Linda

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