May 19, 2007

Cyberspace Still Limited...

I'm back at the library where it is rather noisy today. A mother is teaching two of her little children how to use the computer right next to me. Haaa... How spoiled I am! Soooo used to the quietness of home where the only thing to spoil the peace is Sheba "asking" to go outside! I'm sure someone will hush these little ones pretty soon because they are getting quite animated in their excitement to see the magic of cyberspace right before their eyes!

Jim is at the computer store looking for a hard drive. Ours was about 8 years old and wouldn't reboot with the rescue disks, so we are pretty sure it is a bad sector problem and ... (boo-hoo)... I lost all files not saved to the external disk. And, I'm ashamed to admit how many that was, including the first outlines of my second book, "Baby Crying".

Sheba and Ching-Ching spent a busy morning at the (new) veterinarian's office on Johnstown Road. A lady vet and her staff who specialize in big dogs just wrapped our dogs around their little fingers! Sheba sat back and wasn't going to put a foot inside the exam room, but when a cute "doggie nurse' took her leash and offered a tasty treat, Sheba followed without a whimper! They suggested I wait outside the door and look through the two-way window at how "nice" Sheba was when she thought I wasn't there! They kindly offered an explanation that it's a 'territorial thing' about master and dog. Well, whatever it takes for Sheba to have a good experience at the vet! I suggested no shots or nail clipping on her first visit so they put her on the 'elevator' exam table and made it go up and down a couple times to get her used to it and the staff there.

They each got a new Prevent-Tick collar that supposedly puts a vapor around the dog so no tic will stay on them. Unlike the liquid you put on the dogs, this works by keeping the tics off. The liquid doesn't work until the tic bites into the dog. Did you know that?

I'm anxious to post a story about my nursing experience with the MRDD population. They are absolutely amazing! Things they know about their world astonish me! Friday, a loud alarm screeched through the building and suddenly, like little robots, they started walking in a quiet lines to the bathrooms. A tornado drill! The kids who minutes before were in timeout, rocking back and forth in their chairs and pestering each other, became dead serious about their 'drill'. They told ME what to do!

I'm thankful for finally getting to work with a kind supervisor who's been very patient with me as I learn the tedious little nuances about the job. She's invited me to her home to soak in her hot tub, but I had to decline. I explained that with Jim and I both working full-time, we are too exhausted to do anything but get up and go to work and collapse on the bed (fully dressed!) when we get home!

Good news for me! In June I'm flying to Tampa for Sandy's birthday! (She has a hot tub too.) We're already planning shopping trips and good food to cook! Too bad for Jim...He's staying home to babysit the kids who aren't allowed to fly in airplanes!

Well, I have 21 minutes left on this computer to check my emails and other blogsites! Wish Jim good luck on restoring the home computer!

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Take Care on the Journey,

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