March 8, 2008

Slideshow of Ohio Dogs Play in Snow

Sheba and Ching-Ching (the Golden) explore the Ohio Blizzard of 2008 on March 8 in our back yard near Columbus, Ohio. Sheba (the black dog) is completely blind! The photographer (me) got frostbit fingers and soaking wet in blowing snow. (About 5 degrees windchill.) But, we had fun!

Enjoy our show! This online video/slideshow is a first for me!
Take Care on the Journey,


Juanita said...

FUN slide show!

Warren said he measured 21inches on the top of his air conditioning unit.
Of course I am snowed in. I have been cooped up in the house since Thursday. PLEASE LET ME OUT!! (Spring can not come fast enough!)

Linda Meikle said...

Hi Juanita,

They announced on the local news at 6 p.m. a record snowfall of 21.5 inches for Columbus. Imagine all the blowing and drifting from that! I don't think we got that much here in New Albany. The news said 16 inches for us.
Yep, after one day stuck inside knowing that I can't get the car out, I feeling the fever! I'm tempted to walk across the roadway to the Giant Eagle tomorrow if they don't plow us out. Jim says living out here is nice because it seems we are not in the city but we're close to walk to the bank and grocery store.
Hope you can reach out and touch some of your friends and family and not go too badly stir crazy!