April 14, 2008

Flu-Bug Go Away and Don't Come Back Another Day!

Baker's Acres Greenhouse
Hey, it's been 7 days since I felt like eating or able to do regular housework without feeling like I was going to heave my insides up! Actually, I've been ill with one thing or another for a very long month! Today seems to be on an upswing because I went all day without feeling nauseated although I'm still short on energy and having a lot of joint pain.

It has turned cold again. So much for all the springtime poetry! This morning we had to scrape thick frost from the windshield of the car and I was worried that a couple Dr. Pepper cans in the car had turned to ice! (Cans have burst in my car!) They say we'll be back to warmer weather in a couple days, though.

The good news is that I'm off for at least a couple or three days while the baby I take care of is in the hospital for some planned tests. He feels better than ALL of us, so I hope they don't spoil his little smile while he's in there.

I'm looking forward to doing some fun things. NO long lists of things to do this time off, although there's a lot I could write up on a list. It's too early to plant the flower seeds outside, but I might prepare some ground for them. And, maybe get some pots ready for plants.

It looks like I can do a little 'shopping' while I'm on break. Something I haven't done in many months. Can you believe that I have only ONE PAIR of shoes. That's really because my tennis shoes are comfortable and I only need one pair at a time... I'll look for some cool spring shoes, a second pair of jeans and a couple pretty spring tops. Knowing me, I won't find any that I like, but I'm sure I'll find a little something to please me while I'm out and about.

Let's see what else is on my list that I haven't made? Oh yea, figure out what in the world I'm going to do about the publisher for my next book. AuthorHouse has not been forthcoming with a contract and now they have been snippy in their emails. Oops! They have gone and made the little lady a bit ruffled - and I've requested all my money back. I told them my publisher was suppose to be a happy experience - not a tearjerker. Another email from them says that "your request will be fulfilled". To be honest, there was one guy there who tried to do the right thing and get me what I wanted. He offered me a better deal and promised to "make it right" but I'm afraid there's too many hands in the pot now and I don't trust any of them!

Here's a frustrating one for you. We received a promotional Visa card from AT&T for getting wireless. Jim was suppose to use it to get some clothing he needs for work. When he presented the card at JC Penney, the lady handed it back and told him he couldn't use it because it was in my name. BUT NOT BEFORE SHE RAN THE CARD FOR THE AMOUNT OF PURCHASE!

Jim was not aware that she had run the promotional card, so he gave her our debit card (which we usually use for all purchases). YEP, when I tried to use the AT&T card for groceries, it wouldn't take it. We knew the only thing the card had been out of the wallet for was the JC Penney attempt, so I made a call and discovered we had been charged on BOTH cards!

What a sinking feeling. (What an effort not to be mad at Jim for something that wasn't his fault.) Anyway, we drove all the way back to the mall and asked for a manager. After looking things over, she said the credit will get put back on the card IN TWO WEEKS. Grrrrr. Uggggg.

Since I didn't make a list, I can't think of anything else unusual I plan to do for the next few free days, but I think there was more. ha ha

Oh yes, I have two little articles I want to post. One is about an awesome greenhouse I found near here. It's called, "Bakers Acres". It's unusual in that it has about 15 greenhouses out in the middle of nowhere. The website says it all. Besides pictures and information about unusual and usual flowers, it is written in a most amusing manner.

Click here and enjoy a few funny moments at Baker's Acres or http://www.bakersacresgreenhouse.com
Click on the About us and then So-called Funny Stuff. Also, request the catalog - even if you don't live around here. It's really cute!


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Katy said...

I'm so glad that you're feeling better! I support you in not putting anything on your to-do list. Sometimes you just have to relax and recharge. I've spent the last 10 days cleaning and moving so my big plan this weekend is to relax, too. :)

Sorry about your stinky publisher, too, and your credit card woes. I hope the amount isn't exorbitant.