October 19, 2008

Dear Mr. Crag

Yep. I'm using acronyms to memorize lists in Anatomy and Physiology! Dear Mr. Crag (leave out the "i" in Craig) helps me remember the 10 basic functions needed for life: Digestion, elimination, assimilation, respiration, movement, responsiveness, absorption, and growth.

Although I really didn't need an acronym to remember the four requirements of living organisms, I enjoyed making up one. OH-People Fight Well stands for: Oxygen, heat, pressure, food, and water. (Just in case I'm nervous in a test!)

BTY, I'm sure my sister, Sandy, will leave a comment on how she remembers the spelling of arithmetic! ha ha Jim asked why she didn't just write the word 50 times to learn how to spell it. Her way is soooo much more fun! And, highly unforgettable!

It seems I've been reading textbooks in my sleep! - and have a headache to prove it! Actually, I'm not sure why this headache won't quit! It's been going on for four days! At first I thought it was from carrying the heavy book bags. Or, from so many hours scrunched over reading. Maybe sitting long hours in the cool classrooms? Now, I wonder if I need my eyes checked. My regular glasses aren't strong enough and the 'reading glasses' seem too strong! Both cause eye strain. I called off from work yesterday to get some extra rest, but the headache continues just as badly!

Don't worry. I'm not complaining! Even though my A&P professor confided that at my age "learning might be more difficult" (LOL); and even though the college has tacked on an extra $1,500 to my college tuition; and even though I'm going to have to cut back on work in order to study more; I still say, "BRING IT ON". Getting the RN degree is something so special that no thing or no body is going to diminish my excitement!

Tomorrow I'm thinking of going to get my eyes checked and I'm planning to contact the finance department at Bohecker College to discuss the mysterious discrepancy.

Yesterday I got my new rolling briefcase! It's a duezy! I'd recommend it to anyone who hauls heavy books around and likes to work out of their briefcase. At the library today, it rolled easily and quietly, and was convenient for packing the pens, papers, markers, notebooks and textbooks. I'll try to find a picture of it to post here.

Studying at the New Albany Library this afternoon in the "quiet room" was a pleasant break from the dogs who always bug me for something when I'm sitting at the table ignoring them. And, Jim did lots of housework like taking the trash to the dumpster, stacking the dishwasher and vacuuming all the carpets!

Don't forget to vote for Joe the Plumber on November 5 or, if his name doesn't make it to the ballet, we're voting for Obama! Jim says Obama took Oregon as of Friday!

Take Care on the Journey,

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The Cat's Meow said...

Here is who I learned to spell ARITHMETIC,
While sitting in church. As for writing words 500 times, Never worked.
I think that from being born BLUE and choked with the cord for HOURS
And GM trying to drown me gave me brain problems trying
to remember things.
No kidding LOL

I- in
Maybe your blood pressure is up why you have headache. Hope your feeling better by now.love ya

Linda Meikle said...

Cozaar is suppose to keep my B/P under control...I checked it this morning with the nice LifeSource blood pressure machine you sent me and it's 136/68 (perfect). My pulse rate, according to the cool-looking stethoscope you gave to me is 92 - slightly high but not enough for this headache.

Learning how to spell arithmetic with the acronym, "A red Indian thought he might eat tomatoes in church" is probably the most useful thing going to church ever did for you!

Love you too, Linda

The Cat's Meow said...

That and those good church dinners!!! (meatless of course)