October 22, 2008

Tests! Bring Them On!

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That's not to say I'm not concerned about three major tests in ALL my classes next week, but I'm prepared to study hard and give them my best shot! (No pun intended.)

Updating on my last blog posting, the financial department at Bohecker College has assured me there have been no additional charges to my account that I have to pay. The extra $1,500 relates to their bookkeeping and not something extra added. Whew!

Regarding my headache. A very detailed eye test showed that I do indeed need a different pair of glasses. We paid $319 dollars to provide me with that information even though we have "the best of insurance", according to Pearle Vision. The new spectacles should be ready by election day - and my headache has lessened from the placebo effect of the idea that there's nothing seriously wrong with me.

A&P classes include learning about how the inner body works with neurons, membranes, nuclei, molecules, meiotic and mitosis cell division, to knowing the jobs of those things that keep us ticking like Golgi, mitochondria, organelles, osmosis, homeostasis, and learning the appropriate places all of those items are located!

In Psychology class, we can't seem to get past the first chapter, although we're having a test over chapters 1 & 2 next Wednesday and chapters 3 & 4 the next week. A lot of us are a bit nervous about that.

English should be easy, according to everyone who knows me because, as they say, "you wrote a book". So far all I have to say about that is that I'm begging my English professor not to read my book! We had a quiz on the use of commas, and I made second highest in the class but only 84%. The class is interesting, though, because this is a subject I've been eager to study more of for a long time, and it's not impossible to learn - just tedious. By the way, every part of writing is based on RULES. Did you know that now it's not acceptable to put two spaces after a period? That's scary!

Our 'group' is getting more relaxed with each other, and we're working as a team in a lot of ways to make this journey easier for all of us. I think we have a great class!

On the home front, every morning this week has been "electronic starter" day. Getting into a toasty, warm car on a crispy, frosty morning has been a real treat and delight with our new remote starter! While Jim finishes breakfast, I click the clicker twice from the bedroom window and watch the miracle of lights flashing and engine purring! (I set the defrost and heater the night before.)

Jim has changed his bus schedule to avoid another mishap like what happened a couple days ago. His first bus was late, so he missed his transfer bus AND, his cell phone was dead so he couldn't call me to come get him. Poor guy walked several blocks to find a PAY PHONE to call for a ride. So now he's taking only 45 minutes for lunch and leaving 15 minutes earlier to give him more time to catch the express bus.

Now I just have to remember to pick him up at 6:05 p.m. from the bus stop. (What time is it now?)

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Take Care on the Journey,

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Linda Meikle said...

My son posted this in a email to me...

You should ask your English teacher if you are using the Modern Language Association rules? MLA is the standand that is most accepted in Humanities classes, such as English, but since you are studying Nursing, it might be possible that you are using the more scientific AP (American Pyschology?) format.

According to my perception (although I have a MA it might have changed recently) of the MLA rules, it is ok to use two spaces after a period as LONG as you are consistent. You might ask your teacher to check this rule...

However, these days, things are changing in non-paper format, such as emails or electronic bulletin boards. In formats that are going to be on the internet, a single space after a period is a norm, and also in this format many people leave out the indentation.

That's my two cents worth, and you can quote me.

I love you! I hope that your headache feels better too!