November 21, 2008

Comments At Better Than Money!

After posting my excitement about my article winning $150 at, I discovered five pages of comments at the bottom of my article that I didn't know were there! WOW Last count, I had 41 really nice, encouraging comments. I hope you can get to the page and click on to the other nurses' comments. It makes me feel like a million dollars!

Check it out at or here

PS A very good friend here in Columbus emailed me that I should spend my windfall on something for myself (instead of 10 books to give away) - so I invited her to breakfast on Monday morning! I doubt we'll spend all the winnings on breakfast - but the togetherness is --- PRICELESS!

Take Care on the Journey,



1 comment:

Jannie said...

Yay $150.00!! You sound like you have a lot of wonderful things going for you and on in your life. A very talented, giving lady, cool.

Fun to have stumbled onto your blog today.