November 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Jim & Linda

Wedding Photo: Philip, Marian, Justice-of-the-Peace, Linda & James, John and Billy

Waco Beach, Bridgman, Michigan, where we were married November 23, 1997
Our 11th anniversary finds us happy in our little burrow nestled along a winding creek close to the capital city of Ohio.

Eleven years ago today in a little town of Berrien Springs, Michigan, I roused my groom about 1:30 a.m. to prepare for our sunrise wedding at Waco Beach in Bridgman, Michigan. It was bitter cold, and the wind howled around us as we gathered in the beach house and welcomed about 35 guests who were willing to brace the Michigan winter for the most unusual wedding service I'm sure any of them had ever attended!

We greeted friends with hot chocolate and single roses for each guest as the sun peeked over the horizon - on the wrong side of the lake to be spectacular - but significant nevertheless! My two sons, Billy and Philip, met their new step-brother John, for the first time, but all three boys performed beautifully and respectfully as members of the wedding party.

A Meikle wedding must have a bag piper! I planned this as a surprise for Jim. He played Scottish wedding music for me to march in. To listen to our Scottish wedding music (and see the Meikle words to the song), click

My matron-of-honor was my good friend, Marian Mendel. Another great friend, Sue C. helped out by keeping the hot chocolate warm during the service and loaning us a special tape for the music. Jim's son, John, was best man.

I set up my own photography backdrop and bossed the official photographer around until he was ready to toss me into Lake Michigan. Thankfully, he didn't!

After the wedding ceremony, Jim and I made a mad dash straight to Columbus, Ohio, where we had to catch a flight to Tampa, Florida, where my sister, Sandy, had planned a reception, and we planned to spend a few days camping!

We still remember how tired and sleepy we were driving to Columbus but pushed on anyway - with Jim doing most of the driving on the 5-hour trip.
Yep! This was our Honeymoon Suite near Clearwater, Florida. What more could you ask for? The bed was soft and the peaceful setting was exceptional! Several times we went swimming in the pool at the campgrounds where we camped. (In November - Florida weather is perfect that time of year!) Later, we visited Fort Desoto Park and went canoeing! Having no experience with a canoe, I paddled on the wrong side and tipped us over. We lost several important items and cut our ankles pretty badly on the sharp stones. A fellow hiker rescued us and our canoe!

It wouldn't be our wedding story if I didn't remind everyone that Jim and I met on! And, you know I have to tell everyone, once again, that we were married only 55 days after we started corresponding on The fact that we have survived job losses, a move to Florida and back, living in nine different homes, and starting two new business ventures, speak well of the strength of our love and loyalty. Family ties are strong. My boys respect "Daddy Jim", and John says that I'm the best 'mother' that he ever had.

Roses for Linda today.
Jim never forgets the roses!

Gifts on the table this morning...

Before and after...

I saw this at Cracker Barrel and glowed over it until I saw the price tag, but Jim went back and got the angel playing the piano with the little child as an anniversary gift for me.

He said, "I couldn't let that one pass by."

Here we are 11 years later!

We took the camera to the office this morning and asked someone to take our picture for our anniversary. We won't tell how many shots I made her take until I was satisfied with the photo. Jim is smiling because I promised him breakfast at O'Charleys! My kids should enjoy this! A rare photo of Jim and me together! (And my new glasses, Billy.)

This posting has taken all day to put together. As usual, Jim patiently waits for me to get off the computer and join him in the living room.

Take Care on Your Journey,




Katy said...

Many congratulations to you and your anniversary, Mama Linda and Daddy Jim. Way to brave those cold winters, too. Brrr!


Heather said...

Congrats Linda and James on your anniverary and Linda on your winning nursing blog! Have a warm and yummy Thanksgiving!

Linda Meikle said...

Thanks! I like that "warm and yummy".


The Cat's Meow said...

I'm so happy for you and Jim. You belong together. You have someone who wants YOU to be happy and does things for YOU and lets you be you.
All my love to you both.
Love Sandy