December 6, 2008


My husband says I can sleep through my English class at Bohecker College, Columbus, Ohio, but that class is the most exciting and enjoyable subject I've ever taken. I don't even yawn in this class! The three-hour session seems to flash by. Our English Professor loves her job! She reads every paper and praises us no matter how many times we forget to place the comma or put the apostrophe in the wrong spot. Throughout the quarter she has asked for many articles and something she calls, Journal Entries. This one was a little unusual and something I thought I'd share here. You'll understand when you read it.

The assignment: If you could find out about any of your childhood friends, who would you want to find about, and why.

Here's mine:

I don’t remember Susan’s last name. What I remember, more than 40 years later, is her unselfish kindness as a childhood friend. I had no toys to share, but she shared all of hers. I had no pretty clothes like hers, but she never noticed. I rode her bike down a hill and crashed it, but she didn’t complain. She always waited by the window after school for me to stop by and eat a small snack her mother prepared for both of us. There were Christmas gifts for me under her brightly lit tree, even though I had no tree at my house and could offer no gifts in return. My family left town in the middle of the night, and we never said good-bye, but I know that if Susan is still alive, she hasn’t forgotten me. I’m sure that she lifts her head in anticipation when she hears the name “Linda”, as I do whenever I hear the name “Susan”. Many years later (a couple years ago), my sister and I drove by the old house in Avon Park, Florida, where Susan and her mother used to live. It was smaller than I remembered. Unpainted with broken steps at the front door, the large living room window still looked out onto the world. I waited for the curtains to move as they did every day after school when Susan would be waiting for me. Today they were oddly still. I hope someday we will meet in some unexpected hallway and I can tell her how much her kindness made a difference in my life. Somehow I suspect that she's a nurse too.

Take Care on the Journey
And Thank-you to "Susan"



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