November 12, 2009

Bitter-Sweet Day

The results are in! Only 66 days to go until the last day of the RN program, and I passed all my midterm tests.

Having said that, there is some heaviness in my heart as I heard someone crying in the hallway after the results of the last test. I'm sure it isn't the end of school for anyone who didn't make the 79 percent, but it does mean that they have to make up the difference on the final test. I plan to keep my perseverance going through the very last day, and not take one thing for granted.

Another heavy spot in my heart is the sad news today that my longtime friend who is also an LPN from Berrien Springs (Michigan) has taken a turn for the worse in her battle with brain cancer. This was only detected nine weeks ago. Her family has posted a page on Facebook for family and friends to leave messages of comfort and hope while getting regular updates from Janet's sons and her husband. Look up the prayer page for Janet Loucks on Facebook. She is the most caring wife, mother, and good friend that I've ever known. Always patient and understanding. Always doing something good for someone. Now she is in critical condition with her family at her bedside.

Take Care on the Journey,


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