January 15, 2010

RN School Complete. Sunset Comes Slowly.

For the rest of my friends and family who haven't heard the exciting news...I finished and passed all my tests and coursework from Bohecker College today!!!!

We also filled out the paperwork to apply for the state boards - NCLEX-RN. I will take that test in about a month when it is scheduled with the Ohio Board of Nursing (OBON).

It was a rather hectic day without emotional goodbye's and very little looking back. I was up before dawn to prepare a "Christmas Card" for each of my classmates, and study for the last two finals. Actually, the cards were something to give my classmates with my e-mail and phone number, so we can keep in touch. This may be the last day I will see everyone together - depending on who passes all these final tests and the HESI.

We had a big bad test at 8:30 a.m. in Psych that was proctored without the instructor being present, because she was in route from an out-of-state nursing job. (So, we couldn't argue any of the questions with her. ha ha)

During the time after that test and before the next test, I was going to brush up for the final in Med-Surg. (I spent most of my time last night studying for the Psych test.) But, we were required to fill out paperwork for the NCLEX as soon as we finished the first test. During that few minutes, I passed out all my "Christmas Cards" to the class.

I also had to run to the business office and pay my last payment - a book they say I got on Oct. 5, 2009, that I don't remember, but I gave them the $62.29 for the book, and everybody is happy.

I was more impressed that the statement showing zero balance on my account started with the numbers 5555. Now who could have predicted that?

At 12.30 p.m., we were suppose to start our final in Med-Surg, but no instructor was in sight. The class was in hypermode with nervousness. Some classmates were scheduled to take the HESI Test at 1:30! Finally, we started on the Med-Surg test after our instructor found enough paper to make copes at the last minute.

By then, we were wondering if our psych instructor would get there in time (from her out-of-state job) to grade our tests and tell us what we made before we were done here on our last day of school. Otherwise, we had no way of knowing if we passed, because this instructor doesn't have an office. Nor does she do any e-mail with us. (We could wait until the grades are mailed to us, but in this age of technology, who can do that?)

So, as we finished the Med-Surg test about 2 p.m., we gathered in the hallway looking for our psych instructor. We heard that the scantron checker was 'broken', and that she was grading all 35 tests by hand. That would be about 3,500 questions for her to grade by hand while we waited (quite noisily) in the hallway in front of the elevator.

Some were still taking the Med-Surg test. Some classmates had gone on to take the HESI. One or two left the building in tears. I waited and talked on my cell phone to youngest son in South Carolina.

Finally, our instructor came running up with our test results that she had graded by hand after driving five hours from Morgantown, WV and having had no lunch, and feeling very - what shall I say - flustered? I held her lunch and extra paperwork for her while she handed out our results. I wished I could have done more to help her with the anxiety of the day. I was happy to see that I had passed just fine.

When the Med-Surg instructor stuck her head out the door of her classroom, several students ran over asking about certain test questions and wanting to know when they would get the results of today's final. She ran back into the classroom... But I'm happy to report that she later did e-mail us with our results even as she was making supper for her family at home. I passed that one!!!! My last test there ever!!!!

So, all-in-all, we finally finished this day. I did look back as I left the building. It was a chilly 40-degree sunny afternoon. A couple of my classmates waited in the lobby to discuss certain numbers with instructors. It was that close.

At home, hubby has flowers on the table. He kisses me and says "congratulations".

Occasionally, I check my Facebook to see what my classmates are saying about their day.

My favorite response on Facebook is my classmate who wrote, "...I'm all done with nursing school...I passed all the tests...I am blessed."

I see a few of the usual "Happy Sabbath" messages on Facebook and realize that it is Friday.

Sunset has come very softly as in slow motion today.

Later, my sister and I talk on the phone. She lives in Tampa, FL.

I ask, "How can we get you here for my graduation?"

She answers, "We're driving up for your graduation!" (An 18-hour drive!)

See, we always think alike! We're as excited as two sisters can be who don't see each other very often.

My two sons would be here if they could, but are making up for it in other ways. We'll take lots of pictures and perhaps a video.

Well, more on that later.

Tonight I'm looking forward - and I'm very thankful for this blessing in my life.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your Friend in Life,

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