June 25, 2011

JUNE Snow In The High Mountains

"That's some SNOW, Joe"

These are  a few of the SNOW photos from our trip to the Rocky Mountains HIGH MOUNTAINS from Estes Park across to Grand Lake on Tuesday, June 21, 2011.

My sister, Sandy, said it was 102 in Tampa and felt like 110 degrees according to McDill AFB near her.

It got down to 43 degrees on our trip. We put on our jackets and turned on the heat in the car. The wind was frigid!

The sound of rushing water was beautiful.

 Snow melt in the high mountains - flooding in the valley.

The photo below shows the flooding in the valley - and about 40 elk!!!

Click on the photo for a close up view.

One of the few times in his life when hubby enjoys the "cold".

Icy cold snow ball

There goes the snowball!!!!

People stop and write their name in the snow

Stakes for the snow plows so they don't fall off the edge!

Christmas in June...

No chance of falling off here

Someone put a rose in the snow

Hubby always wanted a photo of himself taken here.

What's a mountain trip without seeing a MOOSE!
(Jim Meikle photo)

More on the trip in another posting...

If you didn't see it, please enjoy the story and photos of my 100th Geocache find. It was spectacular!!!  I climbed a mountain to get it.  Posted at my geocaching blog HERE.

Take Care on the Journey
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