July 6, 2011

Colorado Mountain Stream Becomes A Playful Roaring River

Clear Creek Canyon

The summer sun is still melting snow in the high mountains of Colorado, and that brings rising streams and flood warnings in some areas. One of them is along our favorite afternoon drive through the Clear Creek Canyon near Golden, CO.  I've been thrilled with some of the photos captured along the way.

On July 3, we took a 4-hour drive through the canyon, across Highway 119, and home via Highway 72. We didn't see any wild animals, but enjoyed the beautiful day and scenery.

We rounded the corner just in time to see these dripping wet guys bringing their rafts up from the powerful stream and across the highway to a waiting bus. 

The sign at the entrance to the canyon says, "No tubing or rafting", but this must be called something else.  lol

Zoom in for close-ups of these good-looking, jubilant, strong young men.  Oh yes, it was a beautiful day for cycling too.

Take Care on the Journey
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